On the pebbled shores of Suffolk’s coast, a bright, metallic, sculpture arcs into the sky: the Scallop.

Situated on the beach in Aldeburgh, Maggi Hambling’s Scallop glistens, reflecting the water’s radiance and sky beautifully.

The Scallop, a sculpture to celebrate Benjamin Britten, has stood tall on the beach since 2003, in an area that is both a site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve.

As dazzling as the metal structure is, especially on even a slightly sunny day, its equally pleasing to inspect and interact with up close, and people can be seen climbing it or posing for photographs near the Scallop.

In addition to standing gazing up at this giant artwork, most notably, it is an ideal place to sit and watch the sea (as a nearby sign encourages).


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